Why Us

Florida Filament makes the highest quality available Filament for 3D printers.

Never worry about Bubbles, Tensile Strength, Warpage, Incorrect Diameter and most importantly, Reduced Quality 3D Prints. No inferior filament imports here.
All made in USA.

Quality First

 When producing our 3d filament, our technicians make sure that the correct tolerances (1.75 mm & 2.85 mm) are monitored 24/7. Having the correct balance with diameter & weight is key to the final product.

Defining Our 3D Colorization Techniques

We take pride in our formulas for the different colors we produce. Many colors have been created from years of trial and error and utilizing the correct RGB technique. Once you try our 3D Filament with our very unique colors, you will see why Florida Filament is light years ahead of the competition.

filament hopper

Pushing the Limits

Our production team is driven for Quality First. We 3D print our own material daily to constantly monitor all batches we create. We keep pushing technologies to enhance our output levels into the future.

Manufacturing 3D Filament
Florida Filament has some the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment for the creation of 3D filament for FDM Technology.

Inspiration and End Results
Our technical expertise allows for high end production to ensure we keep up with the demand for our products into the future.

Precision in Creation

Precision is the key to make sure every item we create is ready for the end user. We know many within the 3D space need perfection when doing long 3D prints.

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Special Orders

Florida Filament can mix and match any spool colors to fill an order for you.

Simply call us at 813-733-4465 or

fill out our short form with what you would like to order and we will get back to you quickly.