Florida Filament has brought the best team of experts nationwide. The management has over 30 plus years in plastics. Their knowledge of extrusion and recycling of plastics has made us a top national company in many aspects within the plastics industry.​


It takes massive energy to produce 3D Filament. The heat produced is between 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to melt and extrude the plastic, and water temperatures are brought close to the boiling points.

Filament machine

The computer technology's heat settings within these machines must be dialed in perfectly for every different material we produce. We take care of all the variables to get "OUR PLASTICS"/ 3D Filament to the end user!

3D PETG printer filament or Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified filament also known as the Florida filament or Purple Haze PETG 1.75 filament is the common thermoplastics of the polyester family. This PETG plastic material is commonly used in fibers for bottles, clothing, and other containers for food and water. What makes these 3D printer tools the best filament is the ease of this material to be printed and the results it produces. The PETG purple material has a smooth and glossy surface finish which is a testament to its quality.

The PETG filament has excellent thermal characteristics which means that the print will cool efficiently without needing any heating pad that most filaments need. It will result in minimal warpage. Moreover, the PETG hard material results in stronger layer bonding, so much so that you can not differentiate between the layers when it is done. The black PLA filament is known for its mechanical properties that feature high flexibility, high impact resistance, and heat resistance.

The 1.75 filament is a superior material with excellent properties that is ideal for all kinds of common printers. You only need to check the 3D printer filament spool for compatibility and the rest is taken care of. It has incredible durable strength like ABS filament and ease of use like PLA filament 1.75 mm. The 3D printer accessories will further enhance its functions and results but the filament itself is a phenomenal item to own and you will not be disappointed by its various attributed.

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