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Creation Is the Key with 3D Printers.

If you’re a novice or a professional, you need the highest quality filament available so it can handle all of the elements. Many plastics warp, crack, and are very brittle. Our PETG Material is the Go To Filament for the future. PETC is more durable than PLA or ABS filament. When using your 3D printer in order to 3D print an object, you must have the best colors available, Florida Filament. We have seen the data and the people doing the 3D printing want vivid colors that are mainly transparent in nature.

The solid colors are used for prototypes (Black & Grey-example) , but for everyday 3d printing the glass like colors are selling "FOUR to ONE"

 London Grey Filament

The Very Best In Colors

Florida Filament creates their own colors through many years of testing. Our formulas give the end users colors that are unmatched in the industry.

Colors can change in brightness depending on each plastic we create from the extrusion process. PETG comes out transparent, or can be a solid color during 3D printing. If we were colorizing ABS material, then the material would be a solid color and never transparent. Most user’s today use transparent colors when 3D printing!

3D filament colors

Long 3D Print Times

It's important when doing a "24 hour plus" 3d prints, that the filament has a perfect diameter. Our company provides from .03-.05 tolerances. We manufacturer 1.75 mm and 3 mm (actual 2.85 mm) 3D filament.

Once you start printing with PETG you will quickly find out why all the industry is turning to this material. The cost is lower than PLA and actually, in our opinion, is a much better material when comparing. PLA is beautiful when printed, but hands down, PETG beats PLA in color, transparency, & durability.

Space Black Filament

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